Ghostwriter new cards game. The secret of writers and scriptwriters
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GhostWriter invent your story

Cards Game GhostWriter. Invent your story.


The secret of the writing of writers and scriptwriters enclosed in a fun and intriguing game. Ghostwriter. Invent your story.

You can play alone or with more people, even in groups. You can use it for fun or work, and write real stories. You can also use it to analyze the stories you know. GhostWriter was born for writers and scriptwriters and allows anyone to invent stories for books and movies.
Train yourself to invent amazing stories full of details and shots. The secret of the writing enclosed in a fun and intriguing game. GhostWriter.

  • Have fun inventing stories;
  • Free your creativity;
  • Exercise in the narration;
  • Learn the tricks of the craft.

London Noir 1800

You can invent any story, and set it where you like, with the characters you like. To give you a hand we configured the package setting it up in London, late 1800s, early 1900s. You can create your first story from there.

How to play

Tell me a story full of details. Make it credible. Peach a card and start there. In this story you’re in London at the end of 1800 and someone is trying to kill you.
The first player picks up a card and starts telling a piece of story about the drawn card. When it is over, each player gives a vote to the story piece with a score from 1 to 3. The votes of all players are added. The second player draw a new card. He continues the story by linking his card to the previous story piece. You continue to do so until the end of the cards or until you find the “win” card and finish the story. Wo has more points wins.

What it includes

Ghostwriter is composed of:

  • 1 wooden box with removable cover;
  • 62 story cards;
  • 8 character cards;
  • regulation;
  • Official support website

Languages currently available

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish


The cards

GhostWriter. Invent your story.

GhostWriter card. Invent your story.

GhostWriter. Invent your story.



There are 8 characters included in the London Noir 1800 configuration. But you can create as many as you like. Characters are fundamental to write the story. For each one you can choose his role.

GhostWriter. Invent your story.


We have many expansions ready to realize, your support will help us produce them.

  • Places expansion
  • Objects expansion
  • Characters expansion
  • Unexpected expansion

GhostWriter. Invent your story.

Your best seller story

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